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Winemaking lies in the blood of the Louw family and we have been involved in making wine in Durbanville over many decades.

On the 9th of February in 1702, the farm Maastricht was granted to Hendrick Seeger, a Dutch settler that arrived in South Africa with the Dutch East India Shipping company. The farms’ name originated from the first settlers searching for land with the ambition to establish agriculture close to the Cape Colony to supply the Dutch East India Company on their own ward journeys. Looking at the clay soils, they were reminded of the soils of their hometown – Maastricht – hence the name.

In 1982, Wheaty Louw, then a young 22 years old, and his brother Tienie Louw bought the farm. From 1985 he started farming Maastricht on his own, he bought Oatlands, on the other side of Durbanville and some of his best Cabernet Sauvignon is planted there. He lives and works on the estate with his wife Annelize and their three children Lizel, Thys and Beyers.

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