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A superior craft gin. MADE FOR YOU
A Proudly South African Craft Gin Inspired By The People Of Our Beautiful Country.
People are ever-changing and evolving. Not just from year to year, from day to day, morning to night, you’re a different version of you. That’s why we’ve created a gin that changes and evolves with you. Whether you’re in the mood for gin on the rocks, a cocktail, a simple G&T, or one with all the trimmings thrown in: Sugarbird fits your life effortlessly.

Sugarbird Gin is distilled and infused with Cape Fynbos. Which is key to our distinct, unique, proudly South African flavour. It’s these gentle, fragrant flavours that make Sugarbird the perfect gin to drink neat over ice, in a G&T, or in a delicious cocktail. Our hope is to share this crafted product with the world.

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