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Since 1981, the 76 hectare wine farm has been under the ownership of the Saager family from Zurich, Switzerland. The Swiss owners recognised the great potential of the area and wasted no time in modernising the existing vineyards and establishing the cellar.

The Helderberg ward, on the slopes of the Helderberg mountain, produces some of the Cape’s finest wines. The cooling effect of the moisture laden sea breezes from nearby False Bay, combined with the excellent soil structure of Eikendal's vineyards form ideal conditions for growing noble varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Shiraz, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. The moderating effect of the Atlantic Ocean results in cool afternoons and
evenings that are ideal for growing quality grapes.

Eikendal is an easy 40 minute drive from the Cape Town city centre, or 15 minutes from Stellenbosch. The spectacular landscape of the nearby Helderberg mountains and the excellent quality of the wines make Eikendal a worthwhile port of call while visiting the area. Our towering water fountain is a real landmark in the area.

“Our vines flourish in such a unique and striking setting, framed by the Helderberg Mountains in the background, False Bay fanning from the side, and Table Mountain in the distance. Our wines are a true reflection of our favourable Terroir, intensely expressed with a firm structure just like the Helderberg Mountain, whilst tempered with elegance and finesse, as only the cooling ocean breezes can provide shares" - winemaker Nico Grobler.

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